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Mountain Institute, Inc. is a Kriya and Lamplighting Meditation School dedicated to carrying-on Audle Allison’s legacy by sharing it through his teaching tradition in its purest form.

Our school follows the tradition of awakening you to the God within yourself through the lighting of the lamp.

It also combines traditional Kriya techniques for clearing and energizing ourselves out of the MahaAvatar-Babaji Lineage.

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We Offer:

Relaxation and stress relief techniques that grant you more balance in your every day life and allow you to face life with a more centered and calm mindset.

Spiritual Director

Jerry Densow

Jerry has been practicing meditation since the fall of 1969. He began teaching on his own in August of 1988 when he founded his first school.


Temple Dog


PB is our one and only dedicated temple dog. To learn more about our “Building Fund” click HERE.