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 Do not think of tithing as a task,

Something you have to do, 

Think of it as a privilege.

(Nelson D Rockefeller)

Meditation hut

In the woods

Smell of fall leaves

Under foot

What a peaceful place


Sitting in the dark

Listening to the sun come up

Another glorious day

Watching the Black Buddha

Turn into Light.


I know a little about a lot of things

A lot about a couple of things

And hardly anything about most things.


Take the high road.

The sun will come up earlier and there’s a better view of the mountain. 

Take the road less traveled.

The sun will come up earlier and there’s a better view of the mountain. 

Live on top of the mountain.

The peace will become you.


Crazy friend

Over the top

Gone too soon

Gone to sit with the Buddha’s.


You know the feeling

When the veil of perfect peace drops over you 

No thought

Just deep meditation.


 “Bones of the dead tree

Bleached in the sun

Reminding me

Of the impermanence of life.”


“My Guru

Your picture covered with dust

And cobwebs

It’s no reflection on you

I just chose a different place to meditate.”


“If you want to change the world change yourself.

If you change yourself you will change the world.”


“Blue sky

With a palette of greens

Getting older

Realizing my days are numbered

A goose flies overhead

Reminding me

My days have always been numbered.”


“You yourselves must make the exertion. The Buddha’s are only teachers.”

(The Buddha)


“I’ve got everything I need

            and nothin’ that I don’t…”

(Zac Brown)


We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;

The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.



Meditating by the fire

Feeling the peace of the forest in morning

A crow caws

I did not automatically awaken

Wood smoke in the eye.


Divine Light

Like water

Seeps into every nook and cranny

Of your beautiful being.


Relaxing in Neal Armstrong’s hot tub

Steam gently lifting off of the water

The moon looks exceptionally lovely tonight.


My Love for you
Is not dependent
Upon your feelings for me.

Be Alone –
That is the secret of invention;
Be Alone, that is when ideas are born.

(Nikola Tesla)

All Fiction
Starts somewhere
In real life.

(Clare Angelica)

To the Mind
That is Still
The Whole Universe


Is the same
In Ocean or Stream


We still have wars because

We haven’t taught
Our children

About peace.



1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3. How do you react when you think that thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?


is the only obstacle
to achieving

(Clare Angelica)


Be what you know you can become.

(Clare Angelica)

The mind
is everything.

What you think
you become.


Doing the things
That make you feel bad.

Doing the things
That make you feel good.

(Audle Allison)

When You Truly Love

The World will be at


Spring snow
Gently Falling

Covering the trees
in a pearly essence

The Fish
Don’t even notice


Storms Come
Storms Go

Clouds Pass By
The Sky is Always There.


Be Brave. Start Small.


Its not that God

doesn’t want us to have things
He doesn’t want things
to have us.

Attachment – Non-Attachment
Does the Buddha not
Sip his tea
In perfect peace
The snow melts anyway

Fly on the window
Momentary thought
Of doing him in
He will die in his own time
Cold wintery blast


Rain on the roof

What a wonderful sound
There’s a full moon tonight
Between the clouds.

Fall leaves fall
The moon still shines in the sky
Walking and feeling our love.

There are no bad ideas when you’re brainstorming.
(Imagination Movers)

What ever do you mean?
I’ve always been your friend
I was your friend before you were born
I’ll be your friend after you die
Feel that flame on top of your head?
You can’t get rid of me that easily
(In fact)
You can’t get rid of me at all.

Eggs sizzling in the pan

Sponge in hand
Cuckoo in the kitchen

Do you mourn the loss of the waves

as they hit the beach?

God is my Supply.


Those who know don’t talk

Those who talk don’t know
(Audle Allison)

Service is the payment

for the space
you take up on the planet.


Wood smoke floating gently on the breeze
The brilliant whiteness of the fresh snow
Quietness inside and out

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