Building Fund

Dear Students & Friends,

Mountain Institute, Inc. has a conundrum we would like your help with, but first, let me recap a few things…


A Brief History:

Audle told me I was “ready to go teach” back in 1986. He meant to go out on my own and carry on his work. I wouldn’t leave him at that time because there was so much more to learn from him. After Audle’s death in January 1988, he and I were visiting in the Inner Planes and he said, “Don’t do anything for 6 months.” So, 6 months and 2 weeks later I moved to Red River, NM and founded Mountain Institute (which has since merged with Ouray Mountain Institute and now both groups function under Mountain Institute, Inc.)

To this day I am carrying on Audle’s work in the purest form possible.


So, What’s the Exciting News!?

After 29 years we have decided it is time to have a building of our own to house Mountain Institute, Inc. International Headquarters and we are thrilled to announce that we have been moving forward on getting a Center for our school and teachings.


Our Center will be used for:
Weekly Classes — Retreats — Social Functions — Special Events — A Permanent Bookstore — Public Lectures — Outreach Programs — State of the art studio for Online Classes — and all around Fun with plenty of room for expansion and growth!

For the future we would like to offer online streaming of our weekly lectures and Colorado retreats.


Our 1st Step… In this process has been creating our “Building Fund”

This is a specific account where donations towards our center will go. Each donation is logged and if for some reason the building does not come to fruition, we will return your tithe.


Join Us in Our Quest

By making your generous donation to the “Building Fund”. All donations are tax-deductible. MAKE SURE that you label your tithe “Building Fund” so that it goes into the proper account and is noted correctly.


Mail Your Donation To:

Mountain Institute, Inc.

PO Box 215

Ouray, CO 81427


PLEASE NOTE on all Donations that it is specifically for the “Building Fund”

Thank you in advance and many blessings to you in helping us achieve this milestone!

Love & Light,