Meditation Retreats

Check out our actual Retreat Schedule HERE.

As a way to get to know our school, teachings, and service we offer Weekend-Retreats.

Our Retreats, What to expect:

      • Our Retreats are Always Open to anyone who would like to attend.
      • Retreats are a great way to learn about our school, techniques, lineage and information for personal growth in a relaxed, fun environment.
      • We¬†do not pre-register for retreats — Registration is at the door.

Three-Day Retreats:

      • Retreat will begin Thursday Night with 4th Initiations at 5:30pm and an Open Meditation-Service Class at 7pm — 4th Initiates and above are welcome to attend the 5:30 Initiations & the 7pm Open Meditation-Service Class.
      • Retreat starts Friday morning with registration at 8:45am and at 9am will be the first meditation. Retreat ends Sunday at 2pm.

Retreat Includes:

      • Quickening Meditations
      • Question and Answer Sessions
      • Spiritual Lectures
      • Classes for various levels
      • Devotional Chanting
      • Initiations (there is no charge for initiations)
      • …And camaraderie with like-minded people.

Generally we do a Potluck-Lunch on Saturday and Sunday – bring something yummy to contribute if you’d like.

Donation for the whole retreat is $100.00 or $35.00 a day.

What to Bring / Wear:

      • Bring a comfy chair to sit in
      • A blanket to wrap up in if you like
      • Wear comfortable clothing
      • Bring slippers if you prefer
      • A notebook and writing utensil — in case you’d like to jot something down
      • If you like you can bring snacks to share and/or food for Potluck Lunch

Please Note: We also offer Traveling Retreats – the schedules for these events vary slightly.

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