Meditation Classes

This is a meditation school, and you would go through the classes in this order:

  • Beginning
    Beginning Meditation is an introductory class to our lineage and techniques. In this class you will learn how to meditate, how to bring the Life Force under your control, and find Inner Peace within yourself.
  • Ekam
  • Kriya
  • 4th
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Adept
  • Inner I
  • Inner II
  • Living Sat
  • Inner III
  • Inner IV

Please contact Mountain Institute, Inc.‘s Class Coordinator, Eliza Wister at 970-708-1420, if you would like to teach, or have any questions about dates, times, places, teachers, eligibility for classes or available Skype/Google-Hangout classes.

What is the Goal of Meditation?
Our goal for you in doing our meditation and techniques is to find the God within yourself and to learn to live in that Divine Peace and Love continually and to know that you are that.

Other Positive Effects of Meditation:
It is a growing known fact that Mediation helps fight depression, relieve anxiety, dissolve negative emotions, and aid in feeling more centered and peaceful, come what may, throughout your day.

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