Guru Chats

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the New Year!

Let CHANGE be your theme as you move forward into this next revolution of time. Allow yourself to conquer those projects (no matter how big or small) you have been delaying and put the seal of completion upon them. Begin to de-clutter your life — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Make amends where amends is needed. Forgive others as well as yourself. Find time for what brings your heart joy and pursue more activities that make you feel blessed and alive.

Clear space for your meditation practice daily, fill yourself with this unconditional love and light, and then enter into the world and share the gift of your joy and peace with everyone you come in contact with.

Let change be your guide as you take on this next year by living, breathing, and being in your center as you take on life every day in every way.

May your every step be filled with grace and ease as you achieve your highest needs.

Love & Light,


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