Guru Chats

Hi Everyone,

We are kicking off our fall retreat schedule! All are welcome to attend our retreats no matter “who” you study with.

Audle wanted this work open to anyone who wanted to come – no matter what their spiritual or religious background was. I feel the same way in carrying on his work as close to the way he taught it to me. A big part of that was all are welcome with no ties or commitments required. If you enjoy the work stay and don’t if you don’t. Feel free to find where you belong in the great scheme of things.

So, check out our fall retreat schedule and come meditate and enjoy the company of like-minded people. For you OKC people, Emporia is just five hours up I-35 and it is a wonderful retreat at a great location – it reminds me of the retreats we did at Pink, OK in the olden days.

Come join us – it would be wonderful to see you!

Love & Light, Jerry

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