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2018 Building Fund Update:


We’ve found the Perfect Meditation Center to house Mountain Institute’s International Headquarters. The building committee, led by Jeannie Clinton, programmed for a building by January 1st, 2018…and, it’s here!

This building is located in Montrose, CO. It is over 3100 square feet with a hall large enough to do retreats in. The space also offers a smaller hall for Thursday Night Class and also enough rooms to allow local teachers to teach out of the center so that most of our classes could be located in one lovely location. There would also be rooms available for a permanent Bookstore, nursery, tech-room (audio / visual, etc…), and storage along with a kitchen space to offer snacks and tea. There would also be 3 small office spaces available to rent out to individuals to help with income for the property.

The proposal the board is presenting is to do a lease-purchase on the building for $1600.00/mo + utilities for one year. At the end of the one-year mark, Mountain Institute, Inc will have the option to purchase the property for $300,000.00 at 4.5% interest. All rent paid during the first year will go towards the purchase price. We will put 25% down (which we currently have in the Building Fund) and the purchase payment will be $2000.00/mo. The owner of the property will carry the note himself which will make financing easier.

The building should appraise for 350 to 400 thousand making it a very good investment for the growth and continuation of our meditation school.

BUT, what that means for all of us is that it is time to step up and show your support not only for the continuation of our teachings, but for yourself and the fact that – yes – you do deserve a beautiful center that offers a broader reach for online classes, lectures, retreats, and a center to call “Home”.

When we bought the Lotus Center Building in 1979 everyone was asked to fill out a pledge form as to how much they would tithe monthly to make sure we had enough money available to support the purchase.

Mountain Institute, Inc will need another $3,500.00/mo above our normal tithing and retreat fees to maintain our general fund AND lease and purchase the building.

Example: If 35 people pledged $100.00/mo extra we would have the money to maintain our Perfect Meditation Center.

We would like to start leasing the property February 1st, 2018 and purchase the property one-year later. Time is of the essence so please return your tithing form asap.


Many Blessings and Thanks as We ALL Embark Upon this Next Journey,


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